Available Competition Divisions

We offer three competition divisions in Peninsular Florida: PF Championship, PF Contender, and PF XP5. You choose* the division in which you and your students want to compete. We encourage you to aim high, but recognize that we all have different abilities, schedules, and commitments.


PF XP5 is a great place for those students beginning in Teen Bible Quiz, or for those students already committed to many other activities.

Each XP5 competition is non-cumulative, meaning it stands on its own and results are not carried over from one month to the next. Each XP5 competition covers one chapter of Scripture. There are 10 Middle School Study Questions in each set. These are found on the Basic 5 CD. There are 2 Application Question in each set, also found on the Basic 5 CD. This means that students can already know 12 questions out of every 20-question match before they ever hear them in competition.

The other unique feature of XP5 is that the first 12 questions in every match are toss-up questions. This is how that works: Before the match, a coin is tossed-up. The winner of the toss chooses to go first or second. The first team will be asked all the odd-numbered questions (1,3,5,7,9,11). The second team will be asked all the even-numbered questions (2,4,6,8,10,12). Only the first team may answer the odd-numbered questions and only the second team may answer the even-numbered questions, regardless of whether they are answered correctly or incorrectly.

Toss-up questions give students who might be slower on the buzzer an opportunity to answer questions and receive points.

XP5 is open to all middle school and high school students. This division competes through Regional Finals. Since each competition stands on its own, teams can begin competing at any point during the season…even at Regional Finals!

PF Contender

PF Contender increases the amount of material learned for the student, but also increases the potential reward for each student.

Students competing in PF Contender are eligible to receive awards for season-long individual scoring and for PF Contender Quoting Awards.

PF Contender is open to all middle school and high school students. This division competes through Regional Finals.

PF Championship

PF Championship competition offers the highest rewards while demanding the most from each student. This division covers the entirety of the material each season.

The greater number of verses requires more time from the student, but also offers more potential benefits. In addition to gaining a full understanding of the books of study, the student is eligible for awards and scholarships not available to students in the other divisions. This division is also eligible to compete all the way to National Finals.

PF Championship is open to all middle school and high school students. League competition begins in the fall and National Finals concludes the season in July.

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