Registration for the 2021-22 Season

Registration for the 2021-22 JBQ season begins Sunday, August 1st. The cost to register is $100 per team. A late fee of $35 will be assessed after Sunday, September 5th. Churches may continue to register teams until Friday, December 31st.

Each Achiever team is required to bring two certified officials and X teams must bring at least one. Officials must take and pass the JBQ Officials Test. Teams without certified officials are subject to penalties. Teams must also bring a working quizbox.

Teams may make changes to their team rosters until January 22nd (the third league competition). After January 22nd, all team rosters are final and will be used to create the round robins for District Finals.

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National JBQ Guidelines
PF Achiever Guidelines
PF X-League Guidelines
PF Covid-19 Protocols

PF League Competition Schedule

In PenFlorida, league competitions are held once a month in October, November, January, and February. The Bible Fact-Pak is divided into four sections. A new section is introduced each competition (one section per month) until each of the four sections has been added. By February, quizzers will study and compete on all sections in the Bible Fact-Pak.

Beginning the 2021-22 season, PF JBQ will now quiz using the NIV and NLT Bible Fact-Pak translation. Question sets for competitions will use the NLT questions, but accept NIV and NLT answers. It is expected that every team using the NIV translation understand the differences between the two question sets as some point values and questions have changed.


{Q10}  = 73 – 144
{Q20}  = 341 – 390
{Q30}  = 506 – 526

X-League studies #73 – 144.


{Q10}  = 73 – 216
{Q20}  = 341 – 440
{Q30}  = 506 – 547

X-League studies #145 – 216.


{Q10}  = 73 – 288
{Q20}  = 341 – 480
{Q30}  = 506 – 576

X-League studies #217 – 288.

February 26

{Q10}  = 1 – 288
{Q20}  = 289 – 480
{Q30}  = 481 – 576

X-League studies #1 – 72.

PF District Finals

At the conclusion of each season is the Pen Florida District Finals competition. Both Achiever and X leagues are eligible to participate. District Finals will take place at Southeastern University on Saturday, March 26th. Registration begins January 1, 2022. All forms are due Sunday, March 6th.

Each team will be placed in flights according to total win/loss percentage acquired during all official league competitions. In case of a tie, placement is determined by average team points scored. Team registration for finals will be required along with a $50.00 registration fee per team. Lunch is available for purchase.

District Finals also includes an award ceremony in recognition of both District and league competitions. Both teams and individual quizzers are eligible for awards and recognition. A list of specific awards is to be announced.


Higher Level of Competition

PenFlorida JBQ also participates in four invitational competitions: Carolina Classic, Iron Invitational, Southeast Regional, and National Festival. Your team must be determined eligible to quiz (based on your win/loss record and flight placement at Districts) in order to attend these competitions.

The Carolina Classic takes place in North Carolina on the third Saturday of February in preparation for District Finals. The Iron Invitational takes place post-Districts in PenFlorida on the second Saturday of April (barring Easter complications). The Southeast Regional competition is held the first Saturday in May and the National Festival is held the second Saturday of June. For more information regarding both of these competitions, please visit the weblinks below.

Carolina Classic
IRon invitational
Southeast Regional
National Festival